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In exchange, purchase and sale of foreign currencies We do not charge any fees – 0%commision.
Getting a VIP course is very easy and everyone can reach it. If you print out our discount coupon in advance, you will receive a VIP course when exchanging from CZK 2,000. If you make an exchange with us worth CZK 30,000 or more, you will receive a VIP client card from us and you will receive a VIP course for both this and every other transaction, regardless of its amount, and at the same time you will be served in the VIP client premises.

  currency code
1 EUR    24.50    24.64 eur
American dollar
1 USD    24.05    24,30 usd
British pound
1 GBP    28.80    29.30 gbp
Swiss franc
1 CHF    25.00    25.50 chf
Japanese yen
100 JPY    17.50    18.00 jpy
Danish krone
1 DKK    03.20    03.30 dkk
Norwegian krone
1 NOK    02.33    02.47 nok
Swedish crown
1 SEK    02.23    02.33 sek
Canadian dollar
1 CAD    18.00    18.60 cad
Australian dollar
1 AUD    16.30    16.90 aud
Polish zloty
1 PLN    5.10    5.30 pln
Russian ruble
100 RUB    00.00    00.00 rub
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The exchange rate EUR/CZK


Information for clients

Conditions for currency exchange

  • Czech Exchange office is open to all clients every day throughout the year on 9:30-18:30 pm. On sunday, monday and national days is closed.
  • Our clients served by a team of experienced staff trained Czech National Bank . We have place for VIP klients.
  • Our facilities are monitored by CCTV. If you feel that a shift has taken place as it should, you can contact our staff and examine the progress of the transaction as well as a few days back.
  • Do not forget to carry an identity card. For the exchange of values ​​between 1 000 EUR proof of identity is required and without it you will not be performed innings.
  • But you can establish a personal document for smaller amounts. Your data will be stored with the transaction processing in the event of such complaint will be possible to contact you.
  • Clients who demonstrate VIP card, are automatically identified for each transaction. Any solutions to questions, problems or additional printing of lost deductions is then a matter of minutes.
  • Identification of the VIP card is not a substitute identity document identification, which is mandatory for all businesses from 1 000 EUR.
  • We note clients that the exchange of foreign currencies can not be paid by CREDIT CARDS.

On January 10, 2019, Act No. 5/2019 Coll., Which significantly amends the Act on Foreign Exchange Activities, was published in the Collection of Laws. The change is effective from April 1, 2019 (Monday). The Act on Foreign Exchange Activities, which will be effective from Monday, April 1, 2019.

The amendment to Act No. 277/2013 Coll., On foreign exchange activities, brings new rules:

  • The operator first states on the exchange rate list the data on the purchase of foreign currency from the customer, before the data on the sale of foreign currency to the customer.
  • The operator must not carry out an exchange transaction using an exchange rate less favorable than indicated on the exchange rate list and must sufficiently separate the exchange rate list and distinguish it from any other information stated in the establishment.
  • The operator may publish general information in the establishment about a more advantageous offer, but without specifying a specific exchange rate.
  • The operator may not charge a fee for the execution of a foreign exchange transaction, with the exception of a fee for exchanging coins made by the customer, a check presented by the customer or a payment card.
  • The operator is always obliged to issue the customer a document on the exchange transaction, which contains information about the operator, the exchange (currency designation, amount, exchange rate, payment, date and time, etc.), the customer’s rights, ie especially the right on withdrawal from the contract, the right to file a complaint to the supervisory authority or the financial arbitrator, including their address.
  • If the amount deposited by the bidder for the exchange exceeds the amount corresponding to EUR 1,000, the operator shall communicate to the bidder “Information before the exchange trade” before concluding the foreign exchange transaction.
  • The customer has the right to withdraw from the contract on foreign exchange trading within 3 hours of its execution, in the establishment where he carried out the foreign exchange transaction (limit EUR 1,000).
  • The period for withdrawal from the foreign exchange transaction contract runs only during the operating hours in the establishment in which the customer carried out the foreign exchange transaction.
  • If the operator cannot return the received funds in the event of the customer’s withdrawal from the foreign exchange transaction, he may pay the customer the difference converted according to the exchange rate of the Czech National Bank valid on the day preceding the foreign exchange transaction.
  • If the customer is unable to withdraw from the barter contract due to an obstacle on the part of the operator, he may withdraw from the contract within 6 months from the date of the barter transaction elsewhere than in the establishment where the barter transaction was carried out.
  • The operator must publish the operating hours for public relations at the establishment.